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Title:Buy driving license | Real and Fake passport for sale | Quality driver license for sale |
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Trump's diplomatic dance on Iran: What's his next step? -

Trump's diplomatic dance on Iran: What's his next step?As he considers what to do about the 2015 international agreement with Iran that he disdains, President Trump may be about to lob the ball into the international community’s court. Rather than pulling the United States out of the deal as he has long threatened, Mr. Trump may instead agree to stick with it at least for the coming months – and challenge the US partners in the seven-nation agreement to address what he sees as its grave shortcomings. Recommended: How much do you know about Iran?

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Why the Supreme Court is rarely in the dock -

Why the Supreme Court is rarely in the dockPolls of Americans consistently show they put more trust in the Supreme Court than in the two elected branches of government (Congress and the presidency). Now a new poll may explain why the high court still enjoys legitimacy as the nation’s final arbiter of constitutional principles. The poll, conducted for Penn State’s McCourtney Institute of Democracy, found 44 percent of people would favor imposing term limits on justices.

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How strongly is NATO ally Turkey pivoting to Russia and Iran? -

How strongly is NATO ally Turkey pivoting to Russia and Iran?Setting aside years of increasing Turkey-US hostility, President Trump’s introductory remarks for the cameras were glowing as he met Turkey’s controversial President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan one-on-one, winding up a flurry of bilateral diplomacy on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly’s annual opening in New York. Recommended: Think you know Turkey? The scuttling of a US weapons sale this week for Erdoğan’s presidential security detail was just the latest point of friction feeding Turkey’s disillusion with the US and its NATO allies – and one more reason for its deepening embrace of two historic rivals, Russia and Iran.

Fri, 22 Sep 2017 15:06:18 -0400

The story behind DC Diaper Bank, a resource for parents -

The story behind DC Diaper Bank, a resource for parentsCorinne Cannon remembers well an especially challenging night when her first child, Jack, was an infant. The evening prompted Ms. Cannon to consider her own situation in the context of other mothers’ circumstances: She had support from her husband and the money to support her son. With the intent of helping other mothers in her community, Cannon began to call around to nonprofits in the area to find out what resources might be available.

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